They say they exist, but no one has ever seen them.. They are said to live within your camera; watching, waiting to emerge and attack at just the precise moment.. Their eyes are like lenses – no one likes looking directly into them up close, and they’re even more difficult to see from further away… I’m told that the eyes are bright – maybe orange, or yellow, but no one knows for sure. No one I know has ever met one, but I did hear a rumor that a guy was killed by one..

Using stealth tactics, only used by highly trained Seal snipers, I managed to capture a glimpse of one living in another camera. Take a look – do you see it?

I believe these creatures exist.. What do you believe?


Paranormal camera creatures




According to Wikipedia, (reliable source, I know… -_-) the term paranormal is defined as “…anything that is above, beyond, or contrary to scientific explanation…” This leaves the term very open to interpretation..

In order to create this effect, I edited an image in Photoshop, adjusting the exposure, contrast, and highlights & shadows. To me, a paranormal image usually plays on the effect of shadows and over-/under- exposes an image to create the desired effect.