For one of my remixes this week, I chose to remix the Multiply Yourself assignment, with the ‘Stache it! Remix.  Originally, I wanted to remix my own image for this assignment, but after looking at the other ones that were completed, I really liked Kathy Onarheim’s Gnome photo, so I chose that instead.  This remix was fairly simple.  I downloaded Kathy’s photo from her flickr feed, and then found a mustache image online. I then opened the gnomes as a background in Photoshop, and then continued to add and place ‘staches onto each of the k=gnomes in the image! The tricky part was making sure the ‘staches were correctly placed under the nose of each gnome.  On the two center gnomes, it was also challenging, because they are not facing the camera straight on, so instead of trying to turn the mustaches into the image, those two just have shorter ‘staches! On some of them it actually looks quite natural..


Gnomes & Mustaches