This week, I completed the That Bleeping Censor assignment, which was worth 5 stars! FIVE!!

You get to be the censor of a movie scene or clip.  Choose a sound effect or dialogue you want to substitute for a recurring phrase or expletive, or over-used character speech and use it at the appropriate moments in your movie. This is five stars, so you need a movie scene or clip longer than 2 minutes.

For this assignment, I wanted to contrast something that you would not necessarily think as being bleeped, with the actual Censor bleeps.  I settled upon a clip from Despicable Me.  There was also the challenge of finding a clip that was at least 2 minutes long, that had repetitive words that would be good for censoring.

In order to add the bleeps, I imported the mp4 file into Audacity, generated tones for each word or phrase that I wanted to censor, and then muted the original track, so you wouldn’t be able to hear the words over the bleep.  When the bleeps were originally created, they were all a lot louder than the actual audio, so I had to de-amplify of them.

Once the audio was to my liking in Audacity I exported it, and then opened the video clip in iMovie, removed the original audio and added my edited audio.  I also had to watch the clip a few times to make sure the audio lined up, and the bleeps made sense.  See if you can try to tell what word I bleeped out!