For 4.5 stars this week, I completed the Professor Groom Poster assignment, buuuut I didn’t follow it exactly…  The instructions said to paste Jim’s head into a TV show, or movie, but instead I just made him into a movie star!

I also used Jim’s last words to DTLT, before he left. He didn’t even say goodbye to the DKC! 🙁

To create this image, I first found both the original image and then an image of Jim, and cropped Jim’s photo so only his head remained.  I then very carefully lined up the faces and presto! Jim’s famous! There was some slight discoloration between the jawline and ear, so I tried to use the burn tool, but after I added the hue to the entire photo, it still looks a bit unnatural in that area.. See if you can find it!

Well Jim, this is what you get for not saying goodbye!


Jim Poster