I have invited Spooksy for dinner, and I do hope he enjoys what I have cooked up! It has been a little quiet around here now that Walter is gone, but I’m managing! After losing both Walter and Victor almost back-to-back, it has definitely shaken up this apocalyptic Hell that I thought I once knew.. Anyway! I have prepared a lovely meal for tonight! Skewered squirrel for me (I don’t have that big of an appetite these days. That way there is less of me for the walkers to go after..) and the neighbor kids for Spooksy! I told them to be quiet, but I can still here them from the basement! Ugh, those pesky kids.. I didn’t know what type of seasoning Spooksy liked best, so I thought I’d wait until he gets here for me to prepare them. That way, they will be to his liking, and super fresh!

I will have to remember to set the table so Spooksy will be able to use his left hand, since his right hand sometimes gets some phantom pain. I’m not sure if I believe his whole ‘war’ story, but I don’t question it! I’ve heard stranger stories, and I mean, I translate for the undead! I don’t have much room for judging!! Spooksy knows what it’s like to lose people, so I’m hoping that we can bond over that.  I also wanted to ask him about his 911 call, after his kids meal got away from him last time. I’m hoping that with the chains I used that they won’t get away this time!

I told Spooksy to bring the beverage for the evening, so I’m not quite sure what that will be. I just hope it isn’t Teen Blood. I’m allergic to that stuff, and I hope he knows it.. It’s not that far of a walk from Spoosky’s mansion, so he should be here any — *DING DONG*  Oh, I bet that’s him now! I’m hoping that a visiting friend will get my mind off of the recent events that have transpired..


For 3 stars this week, I created and then completed the I’m having an old friend for dinner assignment! This week we are supposed to integrate another host character into our assignments, so Sally Slaughterhouse invited Spooksy for dinner.  Spooksy is the host character created by Mike from the same ds106 class.  I came up with this idea when I was thinking of creative ways to integrate multiple host characters in one assignment, but still making sense in a storyline of sorts.  The title of this assignment is taken from a line in Silence of the Lambs, where Hannibal finishes the phrase, “… with a nice Chianti and some faaava beanss.” I thought it fit our class theme of horror nicely.