For 3 stars this week, I completed the Chipmunk Style assignment.

Helium may be in short supply, but a little digital tweaking can still leave your favorite actors sounding like the Chipmunks. Take a clip from a film and either speed up the action or raise the pitch on the audio track for some high-pitched laughs.

I didn’t really know where to start, but I thought it would be funny if the characters had really deep voices in the original or it was an intense moment.  I thought Star Trek might be funny, so I just searched on YouTube for a clip, but ended up choosing the trailer instead of an actual clip.

For this particular assignment, I used a Mac on campus, because I know that you can easily separate the audio from the video in iMovie. I’m not sure how easy that is in Movie Maker.  I opened the video file (mp4) in Audacity and changed the pitch of the clip, and then exported the clip.  Since I was easily able to separate the audio from the video in iMovie, I removed the original audio and inserted my edited clip.  Since I didn’t change anything but the pitch, the length of the audio was still the same as the original, so the audio and video lined up perfectly! I really enjoyed completing this assignment, and it’s funny to watch the final product.. Enjoy!