For 3.5 stars this week, I completed the Music Mashup Assignment.  The purpose of this assignment was to take two distinct songs and mash them together.  I chose The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy, and Alles Neu by Peter Fox.  These two songs have similar intros, and I have wanted to overlay them for the longest time.  So what better time to do it then now!

Alles Neu is one of my favorite songs by Peter Fox.  He is a German artist and is also part of the group Seeed.  The Phoenix is one of my favorite songs by Fall Out Boy, off of their album titled Save Rock and Roll.  Here are the original songs:

Since The Phoenix was in M4A format, I had to install the FFmpeg Import/Export Library, in order to import that audio file.  Once both were imported, I cut, clipped, and edited both tracks until the end product was something that I liked that sounded somewhat decent!

I realized after I had mashed these two songs that they have similar themes: starting over.  The phoenix rises from the ashes, and “alles neu” translates literally to “all new.”  They were just meant to be mashed!!

The big challenge came when I tried to upload it.. SoundCloud removed the Mashup and wouldn’t let me try to upload it again, so I instead just uploaded it directly to my blog. Check it out below, and enjoy!


*Header image found in Google image search for “phoenix”*