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Exploring the Scary Side of Storytelling in DS106

Dear ds106ers…

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Dear future ds106ers, This course can be a lot of fun, if you don’t take yourself too seriously.  However, this course also requires A LOT of time commitment and work in order to complete all of the assignments. If your… Continue Reading →


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All I can say is this is the final weekly summary! The end is in sight! We all made it through a tough semester full of ds106 work. I can say that I am glad it’s over, but next semester,… Continue Reading →

The Final Doomsday

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IT IS HERE!! WE DID IT!! We made it through a semester of ds106!!!!! An entire semester full of hard work and long nights editing to perfection, and it all culminates with one final project: the final nightmare. For our… Continue Reading →

Week 13: Better Late than Never

Week 13 was kind of light, course-load wise, which was nice, because I had two papers and a presentation due in my other classes.  By the time Friday rolled around, I was not in the mood for any ds106 work,… Continue Reading →

The Beginning of the End

Let me start by saying that I love working in the DKC! All of the other tutors have such great ideas and Callie actually gave me a BRILLIANT idea for my final project! Since we can build off of previous… Continue Reading →

Grow A Mustache

It seems like a lot of you really liked my Multiply Yourself Remix of the Gnomes with the mustaches, and some of you made it sound like this was a very daunting task to undertake. It really was not that… Continue Reading →

Mish Mash and What Not

Here we are.. Week 12.. Wow, we’re almost done!! It’s hard to believe that we really only have about 3 weeks of classes left (including Thanksgiving Break!) Assignments: This week was mashup week, and I completed 10.5 stars worth of… Continue Reading →

eM ehcatsuM

For one of my remixes this week, I chose to remix the Multiply Yourself assignment, with the ‘Stache it! Remix.  Originally, I wanted to remix my own image for this assignment, but after looking at the other ones that were… Continue Reading →

Rick’s Journey

He lies motionless in his hospital bed, then *GASP!* “Nurse! Nurse,” he whispers through coughs. There is no one there. He tries to use the call button on the bedside. No response. Nothing.

Are You My Father?

For 2.5 stars this week, I completed the Mashedup Children’s Book assignment.  When I first started, I didn’t quite know where to start. Mashup a children’s book based on another cultural artifact. For example, framing Dr. Who as a children’s… Continue Reading →

Are You Sure They’re All Cats?

For 4 stars this week, I completed the This Doesn’t Belong Here assignment.  I didn’t quite know where to start, but we had to choose movies.  I originally was thinking of trying to combine The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad…. Continue Reading →

The Road to Your Future

The road to your future leads right down a straightforward path. I think. Maybe a slight curve. Well, maybe a few bends in the road. Umm, maybe a lot of ups and downs. Ok, it’s actually like maneuvering a dingy on… Continue Reading →

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